About Me

Hello! My name is Tom and I am currently a second year medical student at Imperial College London. With my very recent experiences of having gone through what you may be experiencing now, I understand many of the difficulties you may encounter throughout your school life, whether it be to do with exams, university application or general wellbeing such as stress and time management.
Having worked successfully with students of hugely varying ages (from primary up to 6th form) in my previous tutoring experiences, combined with my interest in these subjects and my consistently high results to back this up, I wish to pass on my knowledge and the lessons I’ve learned from it to hopefully make the whole process a lot smoother for you!


  • A level - 5 A* - Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry, Biology, EPQ

  • Distinction Star (Top 10%) for first year at Imperial College London

  • Finalist at British Biology Olympiad 2018


I hope to mainly focus on improving your both general and in depth understanding of the topics, so I like starting my sessions by finding out specifically what you are good or not so good at, which will help both of us plan and make the most efficient use of our sessions. If you are preparing for exams or university applications, I will also assist you with more specific tips and my personal experiences.

The main aim of my sessions will be to make it as personalised as possible to you, which is something that is unfortunately nearly impossible in your normal lessons. This can be through going through confusing concepts, difficult exam questions or doing more broad revision. You are also always welcome to come up with your own suggestions about what you think will work best for you and ask any many questions as you need to fully understand something!

Finally (I realise this may not be for everyone), for anyone interested I am also happy to advice on some of the more advanced learning techniques (beyond just rote learning and mind maps) I have always used consistently to help free up time whilst still performing exceedingly well academically.

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